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icon for long term care insurance showing a person in a bed
If you can’t look after yourself,
who will? What if they can’t?

Long-Term Care Insurance

Get cash to help cover the costs of your long term care
(good for spouses and parents too)

Your benefits

The costs of quality long-term care can erode a lifetime of savings. Would tax-free cash help? You decide how to spend it.

Four ways to pay for your long term care

There are four ways to deal with the costs of long-term care:

  1. Public insurance: rely on the government

  2. Self-insurance: pay out-of-pocket

  3. Permanent life insurance: access the cash value via tax-free loans

  4. Long-term care insurance

Each option has pros and cons. A combination often works best.

Note: some critical illness insurance plans include benefits for long-term care.

What long term care insurance covers

Long-Term Care insurance typically provides money for you to use as you wish if you’re:

  • Unable to perform two or more Activities of Daily Living (e.g., eating, bathing, dressing, toileting)

  • Unable to take care of yourself due to mental incapacity (e.g., dementia, including Alzheimer’s)

Some plans index benefits and give your money back if you don’t have a claim.

How might long term care insurance help you?