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Get Insurance That Grows To

Protect Your Assets
Optimize Your Wealth
Support Your Philanthropy

Insurance cultivated with care to help you protect your wealth, achieve your goals, and nurture your giving.

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Protecting your assets and nurturing your philanthropic vision.

Strategic Insurance Solutions for High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families

Taxevity is an independent, family-run insurance practice led by an actuary and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Insurance proposals range from complex to overly simplified, leaving unanswered questions. We use our insights into how products work to translate the fineprint to protect you from unrealistic expectations and help you make informed decisions.

We collaborate with your wealth advisor, accountant, and other independent advisors to create inclusive financial strategies that address your evolving needs and the complexities of a changing world.

You benefit through comprehensive solutions that safeguard your assets, optimize your wealth potential, and align with your philanthropic goals.

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Success Stories

Peace of Mind

Taxevity’s tailored approach gave me peace of mind knowing my family’s financial future is secure.

Optimized Coverage

Their expertise helped optimize my insurance portfolio, saving me significant costs while enhancing my coverage.

Financial Planning Success

Taxevity’s collaboration with my wealth advisor significantly streamlined our financial planning. Their insurance expertise uncovered valuable opportunities to enhance my family’s protection and optimize my estate plan.

Complex Estate Solved

Prior to working with Taxevity, I was concerned about the tax implications of my complex estate. Their expertise helped me structure my wealth transfer strategy to maximize benefits for my heirs and minimize tax burdens.

Philanthropic Impact

Taxevity helped me use life insurance to multiply the impact of my charitable donations, reduce taxes and create a lasting legacy.

Protecting My Business

Taxevity’s in-depth understanding of business insurance helped me safeguard my company’s assets and prepare for a smooth succession, ensuring the longevity of my hard work.

Critical Illness Concerns

After experiencing a health scare, I realized the importance of protecting my income. Taxevity found the best critical illness coverage to provide financial security for me and my family.

Going the Extra Mile

Taxevity exceeded my expectations. Their proactive approach and attention to detail made the process seamless and gave me confidence in my financial decisions.

Personalized strategies to achieve your financial objectives.

Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Goals and Situation

From critical illness and disability insurance to optimized estate planning strategies using life insurance, we provide personalized solutions to safeguard your assets, optimize your wealth, and align with your philanthropic endeavours.

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Business Owners and Incorporated Professionals

Grow your business with confidence and achieve your financial goals.

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Medical Students, Residents and Fellows

Find the guidance and support for a foundation to thrive.

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Build financial security while protecting the future of your practice.

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Align your charitable giving with your financial goals and values.

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Essential insights for informed decision-making.

Improve Your Financial Literacy

Empower yourself with essential knowledge on tax strategies, wealth management, insurance solutions, and the financial topics that matter most to you. Explore our blog posts or content hubs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you provide insurance quotes?

If you investigate, you will find that you get the same price everywhere. If you see a different price for the same product from the same company, something is different with the configuration.

Insurance is not a commodity. You cannot decide based on quotes alone. Insurance is a non-negotiated contract that differs by insurer and product. Insurance has many details to consider apart from price, like differences in guarantees and flexibility. 

We tailor insurance options to your specific situation, after understanding your health and situation.

Why don’t you offer products from all insurance companies?

Since we prioritize quality, we carefully select and monitor a small group of insurers.

This approach brings you flexible products, strong guarantees and solid service.

How do you get paid?

If you apply for insurance, get approved and take delivery of the contract, we get compensation directly from the insurance company. You do not pay extra for our services. 

If you cancel your coverage during the first 24-36 months, we get penalized. That’s another reason we want to ensure that you get tailored coverage that you understand, value and keep.

Why don't you do financial planning?

Since we specialize solely in life and health insurance, we work with other specialists such as financial planners. This gives you higher quality results.

If you have a financial plan, we will review it. We can also work with your financial planner or accountant to show you results with and without insurance. 

If you do not have a financial plan, that is also fine.

  • We have simple ways to estimate what types and amounts of insurance to consider.
  • We show why and how people like you use insurance.
Can you review an insurance proposal I received?

Yes. To support your financial well-being, we offer a free consultation to help you understand insurance proposals. We explain the pros/cons, highlight other options and answer your questions. You can then make a confident decision. Simply schedule an appointment.

Achieve financial security and peace of mind.

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