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You Are Precious

How well are you protected?



Who are you? You are motivated to make life better for yourself and others. You take time to learn before making important decisions.

Why are you here? You are considering life or health insurance for:

  • Your Needs such as:
    • Meet your financial responsibilities like paying down your mortgage or providing for your dependent children
    • Maintain your standard of living
    • Get peace of mind
  • Your Wants such as:
    • Protect your assets from tax
    • Leave a simple estate
    • Extract assets from your corporation tax effectively
  • Your Philanthropy
    • Make your charitable gifts more tax effective

The Products

Because we are independent, you get one-stop access to the same life and health insurance products available elsewhere. This saves you the hassle of shopping around looking for a lower price or better product.


The Process

We guide you through three simple steps to help you understand your Insurance Options.


Understand how insurance works. See why people like you choose insurance.

Learn in private from our articles and videos.


Get Insurance Options created specifically for you. Get answers to your questions.

Request revisions until you’re satisfied.


If you decide that insurance is right for you, apply for coverage via an online meeting.

Get updates and ongoing service.

Years Of Service
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Family Team

Your Team

We are an independent family team. We specialize in life and health insurance for your needs, wants, and philanthropy. We review each case together and make decisions by consensus.

We help you learn by bringing clarity to the nuanced world of insurance. You then decide what is right for you. Finally, we get the insurance you select in place for you and provide ongoing service.

You benefit from our different perspectives and the succession planning we have in place.
Headshot photo of Promod Sharma
Promod Sharma
"I'm an actuary who developed insurance products. Now I develop tailored insurance strategies for you."
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Headshot photo of Jeevan Sharma
Jeevan Sharma
"I was studying to become a doctor. I then decided to focus on financial health instead because peace of mind is good medicine."
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We publish original content regularly: articles, visuals and videos.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer other questions too!
  • Why don't you provide insurance quotes?

    If you investigate, you will find that you get the same price everywhere. If you see a different price for the same product from the same company, something is different with the configuration.

    Insurance is not a commodity. You cannot decide based on quotes alone. Insurance is a non-negotiated contract that differs by insurer and product. Insurance has many details other than price to consider, like differences in guarantees and flexibility. 

    We tailor insurance options to your specific situation, after understanding your health and budget.

  • Why don’t you offer products from 500 insurance companies?

    Since we prioritize quality, we carefully select and monitor a small group of insurers.

    This approach brings you flexible products, strong guarantees and solid service.

  • How do you get paid?

    If you apply for insurance, get approved and take delivery of the contract, we get compensation directly from the insurance company. You do not pay extra for our services. 

    If you cancel your coverage during the first 24-36 months, we get penalized. That’s another reason we want to ensure that you get tailored coverage that you understand, value and keep.

  • Why don't you do financial planning?

    Since we specialize solely in life and health insurance, we work with other specialists such as financial planners. This gives you higher quality results.

    If you have a financial plan, we will review it. We can also work with your financial planner or accountant to show you results with and without insurance. 

    If you do not have a financial plan, that is also fine.

    • We have simple ways to estimate what types and amounts of insurance to consider.
    • We show why and how people like you use insurance.
  • You really don’t do quotes?

    Correct. You are too important to take shortcuts.