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Minimize Risks, Maximize Opportunities

Mitigate risks and seize opportunities for business growth with tailored insurance and financial solutions.

A stylized geometric world map with interconnected lines and nodes, showcasing global business reach.

Building a successful business demands relentless dedication and calculated risk-taking. Navigating the complex financial landscape can be overwhelming, especially for business owners and incorporated professionals. Take steps to:

  • Protect Your Assets: Safeguard your business with comprehensive insurance solutions.
  • Maximize Your Potential: Unlock tax efficiencies and optimize your financial strategies.
  • Plan for the Future: Explore retirement planning, succession strategies, and philanthropic giving options.

We understand the challenges you face because we are a family practice. This allows us to provide personalized guidance and strategic solutions.

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Browse our resources covering key topics that contribute to your financial success as a doctor.

Insurance for Your Business

Protect your hard work and secure your business’s future with comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions.

A lighthouse in the middle of a stormy sea representing a buy-sell agreement

Buy-Sell Agreements

Protect your business from the unexpected.
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A small business storefront with a glowing yellow awning stands resiliently amidst a dark, stormy night, symbolizing the protection that disability insurance offers to business owners during unexpected events

Your Safety Net

Protect your livelihood and your business from the unexpected with disability insurance.
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Three frames display advantages of life insurance through a check mark in the middle.

The Power of Life Insurance

Discover the multifaceted benefits of life insurance for business protection and financial growth.
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A stack of aligned wooden blocks representing a business life insurance audit.

Life Insurance Audit

Don't let your corporate life insurance fall short – get an actuarial audit.
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Tax-Wise Strategies

Unlock tax efficiency and maximize your business’s financial potential.

A stack of gold coins tilted to one side, symbolizing the potential instability caused by the capital gains tax increases introduced in Budget 2024.

Budget 2024 Worries?

Discover tax-smart strategies to protect your business wealth.
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Pink rose in full bloom on a garden path, representing the growth potential business owners must consider in estate planning.

Estate Planning

Protect your legacy and minimizing taxes.
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A toll booth requiring tax on a deemed disposition.

Deemed Disposition

Learn how to minimize the effect of the deemed disposition on your estate.
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A piggy bank representing a Capital Dividend Account (CDA) escaping from a bag.

Capital Dividend Account (CDA)

Understand the Capital Dividend Account (CDA) and its tax-smart benefits for business owners.
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A scale of justice symbolizing leveraging life insurance with arrows in the background.

Leveraging Life Insurance

Explore how life insurance can be leveraged as collateral for business and personal financial goals.
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A gold coin with a plant growing out of it, symbolizing the growth and preservation of wealth with an estate bond.

Estate Bonds Explained

Demystifying estate bonds and their role in maximizing your after-tax estate.
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Eggs in different baskets, symbolizing diversification with alternative assets and permanent life insurance.

Diversify with Insurance

Explore how life insurance can enhance your investment portfolio and offer tax advantages.
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Stage-Specific Resources

Tailored financial strategies for every stage of your business journey.

A golden egg, symbolizing retirement planning for entrepreneurs, nestled on a vibrant Canadian maple leaf.

Retirement Planning

Look beyond the limitations of RRSPs and IPPs to get greater flexibility and other tax advantages.
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Two chairs on a sandy beach provide a serene setting to enjoy the benefits of an insured retirement plan.

Corporate Insured Retirement Plan (CIRP)

Learn about a tax-wise way to supplement your retirement income.
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A golden piggy bank overflowing with stacks of gold coins benefitting from an Immediate Financing Arrangement (IFA).

Immediate Financing Arrangements (IFA)

Discover how to enhance the benefits of your life insurance policy.
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Philanthropy for Business Owners

Amplify your impact: Discover how smart philanthropy aligns with your business goals. For even more, visit our Philanthropists page.

A scale with assets on one side and a heart on the other, representing the balance in small business philanthropy between financial wealth and social good.

Tax-Efficient Giving

Elevate your business with tax-smart giving strategies.
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A group of philanthropic people united in the shape of a heart to promote charity through the Will Power campaign.

Will Power

A campaign that helps Canadians leave gifts to charity in their Wills.
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A heart-shaped rock creating ripples as philanthropy does.

Wisdom on Giving

Get a fresh perspective on giving from diverse voices and experiences.
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