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Unity Through Generosity: Confucius on Wealth and Philanthropy

Category 3: Donate gifts

“When wealth is centralized, the people are dispersed. When wealth is distributed, the people are brought together.”


Confucius highlights a profound truth: sharing wealth unites people. The Chinese philosopher recognized that greed divides us while generosity brings us together.

This wisdom applies today. Leaving a gift in your Will to charity builds community and enriches lives. Your legacy lives on through the people and causes you support.

About Confucius

Confucius was born in 551 BCE in China. He was raised in poverty after his father died when he was three. Confucius became a teacher and mentor, attracting many disciples with his moral teachings and insights into society.

Confucius emphasized personal virtue, respect for others, and social harmony. His philosophies significantly influenced Chinese culture and politics for over 2,000 years.

Confucius died in 479 BCE at age 72 of unknown causes. He left behind a legacy as one of history’s greatest thinkers.

Share Your Blessings Through Your Will

Confucius encourages us to distribute wealth. Leaving a gift in your Will to your favourite charity is a powerful way to share your blessings.

Your gift will unite people to strengthen your community and create a better world. Charitable donations change lives, from supporting healthcare and education to protecting the environment and vulnerable groups.

Your values live on by remembering a cause close to your heart in your Will. Your gift reflects what was important to you in life. You can be philanthropic in a way you may not have been possible during your lifetime.

You can unite people in a shared purpose through a simple act of generosity in your estate planning. Just as Confucius advised, distributing wealth brings people together.

Use Life Insurance to Multiply Your Impact

Life insurance offers a strategic way to multiply charitable gifts made through your estate planning. Here’s how:

  • Apply for life insurance policy and name your favourite charity as the beneficiary
  • The charity receives the tax-free payout when you pass away
  • You can make a larger gift than you may have thought possible

Life insurance lets you leverage your estate today to make a bigger difference tomorrow. Premiums are more affordable if you are healthy. Some donors fund their policies with a single lump-sum premium and receive an immediate donation tax receipt to offset their current taxes.

The creative use of life insurance for charitable giving delivers an amplified impact. When well-structured, your gift grows over time and gives when you cannot – after you’re gone. 

Receive Tax Rewards for Planning Ahead

Leaving a charitable gift in your Will has financial benefits, too. Donations are eligible for tax credits that can reduce your overall tax burden.

Any gift above $200 made through your estate to a registered charity will qualify for a donation tax credit. This credit is often worth about 40% of the value and can be claimed on your final tax return. See for yourself using the online donor tax credit calculator from Canadian Red Cross.

Proper planning ensures you give in a tax-effective way. We’re here to help you develop a strategy aligned with your charitable goals.

Take Inspiration from Confucius – Make a Difference Through Your Will

Confucius recognized that sharing wealth brings people together while hoarding divides us. Follow his wisdom by making a charitable gift through your Will.

Distribute a portion of your estate to enrich lives and strengthen the community.

We’re here to help you plan a meaningful gift that reflects your values. Contact us to explore how you can leave a lasting legacy of generosity through your estate.

Learn how the Will Power campaign helps you include a gift to charity in your Will and about the pros and cons of donating life insurance.

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