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Raise the Needy: Let Evita Peron’s Words Guide Your Philanthropy | quote 92

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“Charity separates the rich from the poor; aid raises the needy and sets him on the same level with the rich.”

Evita Peron

Evita Peron, the former First Lady of Argentina, makes an important point: Charity and aid can help bring the rich and poor together.

Evita was born Maria Eva Duarte in 1919. She dedicated her life to helping the poor and working class of Argentina. Evita and her husband, Juan Peron, fought for causes like women’s right to vote, better worker rights, child welfare, and more. Before dying from cancer in 1952 at just 33 years old, Evita started a charity that helped the elderly, children, and people in need.

Evita’s words remind us that those who are well off have a duty to lift up those in need. Besides planning for our families and ourselves, we can make a significant impact through philanthropy. Leaving a gift in your Will to a cause you care about lets you make a difference even after you pass away.

You might worry about your charitable gifts shortchanging your family by reducing what they inherit. Life insurance gives you the flexibility to take care of your family and support your causes. Here are two ideas:

  1. Create your charitable gift with life insurance: Your loved ones get their full inheritance, while the charity gets an extra gift from the life insurance payout.
  2. Name family members and charities as beneficiaries: You decide on the portion each receives. You can change your allocation later.

Evita Peron’s Legacy of Charity and Aid

Learning about Evita’s life and charity work helps in understanding her quote.

Evita grew up poor in rural Argentina. As a teenager, she moved to Buenos Aires to become an actor and met Juan Peron there. Evita helped Peron rise to power and became First Lady when he was elected president in 1946.

Even though Evita became famous and wealthy, she remembered her simple roots. She worked hard to improve life for the poor and working class. Evita’s major projects included:

  • Women’s Right to Vote – Evita helped women gain the right to vote in 1947.
  • Worker Rights – Peron and Evita gave new rights to workers, like paid vacations and pensions.
  • Homeless Shelters – Evita funded shelters, soup kitchens, and homes to help the very poor.
  • Child Welfare – Evita built shelters and holiday camps for needy children.
  • Healthcare Access – Evita constructed many hospitals and gave free medical care to people experiencing poverty.
  • Elderly Pensions – Evita introduced government pensions for seniors without family support.
  • Charity Foundation – She funded her work through a charity that gave the needy food, housing, medical care and more.

Even after Evita’s early death from cancer in 1952 at age 33, her legacy of giving continued.

Carry on Evita’s Legacy Through Your Will

Like Evita Peron, you have the power to change lives through charity, both now and in your Will.

Here are ideas to create your legacy of giving:

  • Research causes you care about – Find a charity that matches your passions to make giving more meaningful. Your local community foundation can help []
  • Give annually now – Don’t wait until you pass away. Donate regularly today to help now.
  • Consider long-term gifts – You can fund your giving over time through a donor-advised fund, charitable remainder trust, or gift annuity.
  • Leave gifts in your Will – Name charities in your Will to support your causes beyond your lifetime.
  • Use life insurance to offset your gifts – Life insurance proceeds can go to your family to replace your charitable donations.
  • Get your family involved – Inspire your loved ones to continue your legacy of generosity for generations.
  • Volunteer – Donate your time and skills to local charities too.
  • Get help – A personalized strategy helps make your giving efficient and meaningful.

Whatever your resources, your charitable gifts can change lives. With planning, you can create an inspiring legacy of aid.

Evita Peron’s Battle with Cancer

Evita Peron died prematurely from cervical cancer at just 33 years old. Her difficult struggle highlighted women’s health issues at the time.

In 1951, Evita underwent surgery to remove her uterus and cervix. The public was told it was appendicitis to hide the severity of her cancer. But the disease eventually spread terminally by 1952.

Evita’s medical choices reflected the limited cancer knowledge and treatment in the 1940s and 50s. At that time:

  • Radiation therapy was new and less precise than modern methods. Surgery seemed the best option.
  • Public awareness of cancer was low, and screening was rare. Many cancers like Evita’s went undiagnosed until late stages.
  • Early chemo drugs had severe side effects but didn’t work well. Palliative care was the norm.
  • Gender biases were common. “Women’s diseases” like cervical cancer were downplayed.
  • Cancer carried a heavy stigma and fears of disfigurement. Evita tried to hide her illness to keep up a glamorous image.
  • Rural poverty in Argentina limited access to quality care. Evita could afford the best doctors and hospitals.
  • End-of-life pain control was inadequate without modern palliative medicine innovations.

Despite inadequate cancer care, Evita helped put a female face to the disease through public openness. And millions mourned her death, showing compassion for people with cancer.

Cancer diagnosis and care has improved markedly in the decades since Evita died. Screening finds cancers sooner, saving many lives. Advances in surgery, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy and holistic care also significantly improve outcomes.

How Evita’s Quote Can Inspire You to Give to Cancer Causes

Reflecting on Evita’s brave cancer battle can motivate you to give to cancer charities:

“Charity separates the rich from the poor; aid raises the needy and sets him on the same level with the rich.”

While cancer care has improved since Evita’s day, unfair gaps still exist. Income, ethnicity, location and insurance status impact outcomes in our profit-driven healthcare system. Evita’s “charity and aid” can help fill these gaps.

Donating to charities that fund cancer research, free treatment, patient support, and navigation services increases access for the underserved. Your gifts empower those unable to afford lifesaving care, transportation, and other basics. This helps “set the needy on the same level” as the rich, as Evita said.

Beyond direct cancer charities, donations also back public education campaigns. These promote prevention and early detection in high-risk, marginalized communities. Addressing risk factors and screening access allows these groups to take control of their health.

You have the power to continue Evita’s legacy and help today’s cancer patients win their own victory. Consider leaving a gift to a cancer charity in your Will. Or give now by:

  • Donating directly to cancer charities you care about.
  • Volunteering your time with local cancer patients.
  • Contacting lawmakers to advocate for better healthcare policies.
  • Participating in fundraisers like races, galas and awareness events.
  • Encouraging friends and family to get recommended cancer screenings.

Your generosity, big or small, can make a meaningful difference in a cancer patient’s journey. Follow Evita’s call to charity and aid for all.

Plan Your Charitable Legacy

Evita Peron strongly believed in using charity and aid to uplift the poor. Her famous quote reminds us that generous giving can empower the disadvantaged. Though money often separates the rich from the poor, thoughtful philanthropy can help overcome that divide.

May Evita’s words and actions inspire your own charitable legacy. Giving to causes you care about allows you to make a real impact, both now and through your Will.

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