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Harold S Kushner: Being Kind | Will Power quote 66

Written for Philanthropists

“Being kind to others is a way of being good to yourself.”

Harold S Kushner

Kindness is a selfless act without expectations or conditions. How do you interpret the quote from Harold S Kushner?

When we are kind to those around us — family, friends, colleagues, or strangers — we promote an environment of respect and empathy. Performing acts of kindness can give us a sense of purpose and satisfaction, helping us feel more connected to the people in our lives.

We get side benefits from doing good, which includes our philanthropy.

About Harold S Kushner

Harold (born in 1935) is a rabbi and theologian. He is also the author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People. This 1981 book provides solace for many dealing with tragedy or other difficult life events.

Your philanthropy is kind

Your charitable gifts of time and money are forms of kindness.

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