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A painting of people uplifted by orange balloons, representing the Joanna Lumley charitable giving legacy.

Joanna Lumley: Embracing Philanthropy – Discover the Joy of Giving Back

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“I am blessed beyond the realms of blessedness, and easily the greatest pleasure is giving it away.”

Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley’s quote captures the joy and fulfillment of charitable giving. A British actress, author and activist, Lumley knows firsthand the deep satisfaction of using good fortune to benefit others.

About Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lamond Lumley was born on May 1, 1946. She studied at a boarding school in Kent, England. She began acting in plays and worked as a model. Her breakthrough role came in 1976, playing Purdey in the British TV series The New Avengers.

Lumley had a prolific acting career spanning television, film and theatre. Some of her most recognized roles include Patsy Stone in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous and Elizabeth in the James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Now in her late 70s, Lumley remains an active performer and advocate for human rights and environmental causes. She has been an important role model for women in the arts and a staunch supporter of gender equality throughout her career. She has worked extensively with Survival International, supporting indigenous rights, and travelled to Arctic Canada to highlight the impacts of climate change.

Lumley was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1995 and later promoted to Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in 2021.

The Pleasure of Giving

Lumley’s quote articulates that sharing one’s good fortune with others is a supreme pleasure and a source of fulfillment. Charitable giving allows one to make a positive difference in the world – a gratifying feeling.

Lumley describes herself as “blessed beyond the realms of blessedness,” indicating she recognizes her privileged circumstances in life. With this awareness, she feels a responsibility to give back and help those less fortunate.

Leaving a charitable legacy aligns with Lumley’s ethos of finding meaning and joy through altruism. Using one’s estate to benefit philanthropic causes can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. The deep sense of purpose and satisfaction from enabling others far outweighs the value of material possessions.

Giving also reflects our shared humanity. Supporting those in need recognizes that misfortune can happen to any of us. Compassion builds connections across communities.

Charitable Estate Planning

Lumley’s perspective may inspire you to incorporate charitable giving into your legacy. With thoughtful planning, you can provide for your loved ones and support causes close to your heart.

Even those of modest means have the power to make a lasting impact. Small charitable bequests can add up to make a real difference. Your gift will help you continue your values beyond your lifetime.

Canadians have over $11 trillion in personal wealth. Even small fractions of this transferred to charity can drive social progress. With life expectancy rising, many Canadians accumulate more than they need to provide for their heirs.

Life insurance is a simple, affordable way to create a charitable legacy. Policies pay out a tax-free lump sum upon death that can be gifted to charity. Premiums are usually a fraction of the payout.

You can also use life insurance to replace assets going to charity. This strategy ensures your estate has enough funds to provide for your family first before charitable gifts.

Including philanthropy in your estate plan sets an example of generosity for the next generation. Teaching children about sharing resources can build more compassionate communities.

Causes to Support

There are so many worthy causes that need more support. Take some time to reflect on what issues are most important to you.

Your gift can fund medical research into diseases affecting your loved ones. You can provide scholarships for youth who share your values.

Supporting international aid organizations helps lift those suffering from poverty and conflict abroad. Donations to environmental charities sustain our shared planet for future generations. Advocacy groups give voice to the marginalized and drive policy changes. Animal welfare charities prevent needless suffering.

Take Action

Joanna Lumley sees immense fulfillment in helping others. Like her, you can experience the joy of giving while living and leaving a charitable legacy.

What’s the most meaningful and tax-efficient gift for you? Match your philanthropic goals with tailored strategies by contacting your family team at Taxevity.

The greatest pleasure truly comes from giving. Let your legacy reflect what matters most.

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