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A TV remote control showing that watching philanthropy by others isn't the same as doing good yourself.

Paul Newman: Doing | philanthropy quote 71

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“Watching something is nothing like doing it.”

Paul Newman

Watching isn’t doing, but watching can inspire doing. When we observe, we learn and discover needs.

We don’t need to experience homelessness to imagine the plight of the homeless. We don’t need to undergo a flood or wildfire to appreciate the devastation caused.

In philanthropy, when we donate our time or money, the causes that matter to us benefit.

About Paul Newman

Paul Newman (1925-2008) was an actor and philanthropist. He (and his blue eyes) starred in memorable films, including The Hustler, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke, and The Sting. He had charisma on screen.

Paul was also known for his philanthropic work. In 1982, he founded the nonprofit Newman’s Own, where all the profits help children.

In his Will, Paul left his assets to his wife (Joanne Woodward, 1930-2008) and Newman’s Own Foundation (which owns the Newman’s Own). The foundation has donated over $600 million USD worldwide.

Care to do something for charity?

Philanthropy is about doing directly with your gifts of time or indirectly with your financial gifts.

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