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Sand falling in an hourglass, reflecting Silvia Hartmann's view that time is our most precious gift.

Silvia Hartmann: The Most Precious Gift | Will Power quote 70

Category 3: Donate gifts

“The most precious thing I have to give is my time.”

Silvia Hartmann

What better gift than your time? You are then also giving your focus and energy.

Philanthropy involves making a positive impact by contributing your time, money, or resources to charitable causes. While financial donations are often essential, the donation of time is also valuable.

Giving your time lets you:

  • Provide hands-on support
  • Work alongside other volunteers
  • See the impact of the combined efforts

Time is a valuable resource that cannot be bought. By giving your time, you can make a difference to the causes that matter to you.

About Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann is an author, coach, and innovator in energy psychology and personal development. She has developed techniques to help people heal and improve their lives.

Silvia is known for

  • Her book The Golden Key, which helps readers unlock their inner potential
  • The Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) system she created in 2003

Silvia helps people create meaningful change within themselves and the world. Her book The Genie Within guides readers through her vision of creating a better world through creative thinking, positive intention, and faith in oneself.

Your financial donations are precious too.

While philanthropy is about more than your financial donations, sometimes money is easier to give than time.

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